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At Museumnacht Enschede we’re here to support you whenever we can. Find your answer below in our FAQ. If that didn’t help, you can always contact us.


How much does a ticket cost?

An early-bird ticket costs €12 and a regular ticket €15.

Is my museum card valid during Museumnacht Enschede?

The museum card is not valid during Museumnacht Enschede.

Are there special discount actions?

Certainly! Already looking forward to the Museumnacht Enschede? Buy an early-bird ticket and save €3 on each ticket! (and just for the price of one beer)

Can I buy an all-access ticket in the city?

During the Museumnacht, tickets will only be sold when they are tickets still available. We therefore recommend that everyone buys a ticket online before the Museumnacht.

Points of sale during the Museum Night are:

  • Concordia (Lange Street)
  • Rijksmuseum Twenthe
  • De Museumfabriek
Is my all-access ticket valid everywhere?

Yes, an all-access ticket is valid for all participating venues. You receive a wristband that gives you admission to all venues.

How do I get my wristband?

Skip the queue and exchange your e-ticket during the day in the week before Museumnacht. From Monday (the 1st of November), you can already scan your e-ticket and exchange it for a wristband at Concordia, Rijksmuseum Twenthe and De Museumfabriek.

The exchange for your wristband is possible during the regular opening times of the, so check the opening hours on their website. Please note: only a wristband gives you admission to Museumnacht Enschede.

Do you prefer to exchange your e-ticket during the Museumnacht? You can exchange your e-ticket between 19.00-0.00 hours at Concordia, Rijksmuseum Twenthe and De Museumfabriek.

Where and how do I get an all-access ticket for Museumnacht Enschede?

You buy all-access tickets here on the website. The link redirects you to the booking page of Concordia. Paying online is easy with iDeal and the podium (stage) gift card. For children up to the age of 12, access is free until midnight (00:00 hours). Children do not need a ticket for admission.

How much does a ticket cost?

An early-bird ticket costs €12 and a regular ticket €15.

Save your wristband

Did you know that with your museumnacht wristband you have access to a revisit at Rijksmuseum Twenthe, de Museumfabriek of you can watch a movie at Concordia.

Promotion is valid from November 7th until December 31st, 2021.

You can swap your wristband for a free ticket at the register of one of the above mentioned locations.


During Museumnacht Enschede, can I walk from location to location?

All locations are easy to walk to. There are a number of locations outside the city centre. Walking distance is 1.5 km, which is a 20 min walk. All locations are easy to reach by bike. Download the WOOV app and follow your route.

I’m coming by car, where can I park?

Enschede is easy to reach by car. Follow the P-signboards from the ring road towards the centre. This will bring you to the roads which lead to the parking garages or parking spaces in the city centre. Around the ring road and in the residential areas of the city you can park for free and it’s a fifteen minute walk to the centre. If you prefer to park near the museums, then you can park in Roombeek: Parking spots at Roomweg (sign: Parkeren musea Roombeek)

How do I get to Museumnacht Enschede with public transport?

When you get to the Enschede station you are immediately in the city centre. The easiest option is to travel to the station by train or bus and then walk from there. You can also rent an OV-bike at the station.

How do I reach the locations of Museumnacht Enschede?

For this edition we’re working in collaboration with the app WOOV. With WOOV you can see at a glance where all the activities are. This app also give you a real-time overview of where your friends are enjoying Museumnacht so that in no time you are reunited with your group.

Where is Museumnacht Enschede being held in Enschede?

For all locations and venues look on our website under ‘locations’.

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Can I also being children to the Museumnacht Enschede?

The Museumnacht Enschede is for all ages. Children up to the age of 12 have free entrance to the events of Museumnacht (until midnight / 00:00 hours). There are enough events for the whole family.

Do I have to register for the different activities?

In principle this is not necessary. With your wristband you can simply enter the participating institutes. But with the current Covid-19 situation, institutes may have made additional arrangements. We therefore advise you to read the programme carefully beforehand. If there are a limited number of places for an activity, we will have that clearly stated on the website for the relevant programme section.

When does Museumnacht Enschede start and finish?

During the Museumnacht different cultural institutes will be open to the public between 19.00-0.00 hours.

Photo and video

During the Museum Night, photos and videos will be made to promote the event. If visitors are portrayed, the photographer or videographer will ask permission from the visitor. If you as a visitor do not appreciate being photographed, make this clear to the photographer or videographer.


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corona maatregelen

Corona measures during the Museumnacht

Museumnacht Enschede works (mandatory) with the Testing for Access policy at all locations. When purchasing a ticket you agree to this access policy and as a visitor you make sure that you are in possession of a valid QR code in the Corona Check app. In addition, you are also obliged to show your proof of identity (passport or driver's license) with the app.

Without a valid code entry to the event will be denied. The QR code will be scanned at the entrance of the location.